July 13, 2016
1 Year, 3 months and 9 days since
our celebration.
Greetings Family:

Your Chicagoland family considers it a privilege to host the 2016 Whitehurst Family Reunion.  For the first time, this historic event will be held in Chicago, IL.  The Reunion dates are July 13th – 17th, four nights and five days of family, fellowship, and fun!  The theme for the Reunion is “Sweet Home Chicago”, and our colors are gold and black. 

Please take a few minutes to review the information on our website, and check back periodically for updates.  Share this website with other family members (click on Tell a Friend below).  Stay connected!

God Bless,

Karen D. Stewart
2016 W.F.R. President 

Enjoy the city of Chicago Travel Video.

Credit: © Choose Chicago

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